Tools Hypermarket

E-Commerce growth

Tools Hypermarket sought MarketBytes’ expertise to enhance their online presence and SEO. MarketBytes delivered a sleek e-commerce platform and implemented a potent SEO strategy, driving significant growth in online sales and customer engagement, bolstering Tools Hypermarket’s market position.

About Tools Hypermarket

Tools Hypermarket serves as the online division of New India Engineering Store, a renowned manufacturer and distributor of power tools in South India. With a strong offline presence, the client aimed to expand their reach and enhance online sales through an appealing digital platform.

Falling Behind

The challenge faced by Tools Hypermarket was multi-faceted and impactful, stemming primarily from their outdated and unappealing website. With an online platform that failed to captivate visitors or facilitate seamless transactions, Tools Hypermarket struggled to convert website traffic into actual sales, thus limiting their potential for online revenue generation. Moreover, their lackluster SEO performance further compounded the challenge, as it hindered their visibility in search engine results, resulting in decreased organic traffic and missed opportunities for customer acquisition. In essence, Tools Hypermarket faced a significant hurdle in leveraging the vast potential of the digital landscape to expand their market reach and drive business growth.

Numbers Don't Lie

From Slump to Surge

After partnering with MarketBytes, Tools Hypermarket experienced a significant increase in online sales. The strategic implementation of a premium e-commerce website and effective SEO tactics resulted in a notable surge in online purchases. By capitalizing on MarketBytes’ expertise, Tools Hypermarket maximized their online sales potential, achieving remarkable growth and reinforcing their position as a top player in the market.


increase in organic transactions.


increase in organic conversion rate.


Increase in new users from organic traffic.

Setting the Standard

Tools Hypermarket extends heartfelt appreciation for the invaluable partnership with MarketBytes. MarketBytes’ dedicated account manager played a pivotal role in ensuring seamless coordination and optimal outcomes throughout the collaboration. Tools Hypermarket affirms that:

MarketBytes seamlessly integrated into our marketing team, delivering a robust digital strategy that surpassed expectations. With MarketBytes, Tools Hypermarket’s modest team achieved remarkable success, setting a high standard for future collaborations

MarketBytes collaborated closely with Tools Hypermarket to understand their business objectives, target audience, and product offerings. Leveraging their expertise in e-commerce website development, MarketBytes designed and implemented a customized solution that encompassed the following key features:

+43 %


87 %

Increase in organic sessions

131 %

Increase in sales conversions

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