Global Power

Rise in User Engagement Sessions

Global Power aimed to boost its online presence through a sleek website redesign and enhanced SEO performance. With MarketBytes as their partner, our team closely collaborated with this prestigious B2C brand to craft and execute a comprehensive online strategy. The result was a substantial increase in revenue and a notable uptick in user engagement sessions, highlighting the success of our collaboration.

About Global Power

Established in 1995, New India Engineering Stores (NIES) is a premier destination for power tools and equipment. With Mr. Andrews Pious K at the helm, their team of over 120 professionals ensures top-notch products and seamless experiences. Representing esteemed brands like Global Power, Agromate, Eurofine, and Apex Power, NIES prioritizes excellence and innovation.

Confronting the Hurdle

Global Power was confronted with the critical task of elevating its online presence to effectively connect with its target audience. The challenge centered around the need to revamp its website for a more modern appeal and enhance its SEO performance. Seeking a partner to navigate the complexities of digital marketing, Global Power aimed to execute a comprehensive online strategy that would yield substantial results in terms of revenue growth and increased user engagement sessions. The challenge lay in finding a strategic collaborator capable of crafting and implementing tailored solutions aligned with Global Power’s objectives, ensuring success in the competitive digital landscape.


Business Outcomes

Following the collaboration with MarketBytes, Global Power has experienced a notable rise in organic search traffic to their website, leading to improved conversion rates and a surge in contact form submissions. Leveraging our expertise, Global Power successfully optimized their marketing expenditure, yielding exceptional results. Key outcomes of our partnership include:


surge in organic search traffic to their website within the first six months


increase in conversion rates


rise in contact form submissions

Elite Digital Marketing and Web Development Services

In our partnership, Global Power has seen substantial enhancements in website traffic, user acquisition, and engagement. With updated website interfaces and dedicated marketing strategies, they exceeded expectations, closely collaborating with our team of experts to ensure desired outcomes. Global Power has expressed satisfaction with our collaboration, stating,

“MarketBytes has seamlessly integrated with our marketing team. Their provision of a robust digital strategy, which we couldn’t have accomplished independently, has been indispensable. The professionally updated website, tailored for high conversion rates, has instilled in us the confidence to pioneer the online market alongside our traditional endeavors. Despite our small marketing team, MarketBytes empowers us to achieve so much more.”

Formulating a Robust Digital Strategy for Global Power

50 %

increase in organic website traffic for Global Power within the first three months.

130 %

increase in Global Power’s website rankings on major search engines like Google and Bing.

171 %

increase in the conversion rate for Global Power

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